We’re proud that the average tenure of a team member is 8 years. Some have been with us as long as 32 years. Yet we don’t prioritize tenure over talent. CIG is a goals-oriented organization, and those who produce will advance. In fact, we pride ourselves on having many senior team members who have risen through the ranks and across divisions to achieve their current roles.

You will excel at CIG if you thrive in an environment that is MISSION-DRIVEN, gives you the AUTONOMY to hit your goals however you choose, and allows you to MASTER NEW SKILLS.

CIG isn’t the right fit for everyone. We seek A-players who have a connection with the markets and customers we serve, and a competitive spirit to deliver the best possible services we can.

We only hire about 10 new people every year. But we’re always happy to start a conversation with anyone who could be a potential fit for our team in the future.

Or just let us know if you would like to set up an informational discussion about possible future openings in the areas of editorial/content, marketing, sales, customer service, information technology or accounting.

We’re also interested in any partnership discussions whereby you may have an existing business or idea that needs some financial or infrastructure support to grow. Or you may want to propose a mutually beneficial marketing or content relationship. We’re listening.