Capitol Information Group was established in early 2009 and shortly thereafter acquired the assets of Newsletter Holdings.

Newsletter Holdings roots go back to 1966, when Ken Callaway, the original owner, took a $700 Christmas bonus from the advertising firm where he was employed and started a company he called Capitol Publications.

Capitol’s first offices were in a third-floor walk-up above a bar on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Its first employees were college students from George Washington University who were paid $1 per hour and all the beer they could drink at the regular Saturday-morning stamp-licking and envelope-stuffing parties. Even after moving to “real” office space and having “real” employees, Ken kept a bar with a beer tap in his office, which doubled as the employee lounge and offered a complimentary happy hour every day. That fine tradition was eventually killed off by the corporate liability lawyers, but not until 1996.

Capitol’s first product was a newsletter entitled The Economic Opportunity Report. It was a funding resource and regulation news guide for the community action agencies that had been created to implement the Great Society programs of the Johnson administration. Capitol was sold by Newsletter Holdings in 1988.

In 1981 Newsletter Holdings acquired KCI Communications and its flagship publication, Personal Finance. Originally titled Inflation Survival Letter, Personal Finance has been published since the early 1970s and is still the largest-circulation publication of the Investing Daily division of Capitol Information Group.

The National Institute of Business Management was acquired in 1987, and its products now comprise the Business Management Daily division of Capitol Information Group. Small Business Tax Strategies, formally entitled Research Recommendations, was first published in the 1940s and is its oldest publication.

Capitol Information Group’s 80 employees produce more than 40 print and online publications, and present more than 200 webinars a year.

Growth Since 2009

December 2021
Investing Daily sells Profitable Trading to Financial Answers for equity.
February 2021
CIG sells Wonder Comfort.
March 2020
CIG launches several affiliate blogs, including Pro Paint Corner.
September 2019
CIG launches the Wonder Comfort line of pillow products on Amazon.
January 2019
Investing Daily acquires 10 financial advisories from Street Authority and Profitable Trading.
March 2018
Investing Daily launches the Radical Wealth Alliance small-cap stock trading service.
February 2018
Ruky’s Hideaway, a premier coffee and happy hour bar, opens for business at the end of the main CIG hallway. In honor of our past newsletter editor, Louis Rukeyser, the CIG team raises a glass or two to Lou every Thursday evening.
October 2017
Ari Charney takes the helm of Income Millionaire with the introduction of a new covered call and naked puts strategy in addition to buying stocks.
May 2017
Investing Daily acquires numerous award-winning financial advisories from Stephen Leeb, who joins the Investing Daily team along with several of his colleagues. Leeb’s services include The Complete Investor, Real World Investing and Income Millionaire.
October 2016
Investing Daily launches Jim Pearce’s Systematic Wealth stock and options trading service.
January 2016
Investing Daily launches Linda McDonough’s Profit Catalyst Alert stock and options trading service.
November 2015
Investing Daily launches Jim Fink’s Velocity Trader options trading service.
September 2014
BMD acquires Communication Briefings and The Organized Executive from Columbia Books, bolstering leadership and communications offerings.
July 2014
CIG launches the Baton Investing app to help younger investors achieve their financial dreams.
March 2014
BMD acquires Managing People at Work and The Office Professional from McMurray TMG, branches into management.
Sept. 2013
CIG launches Torrent of Fire to improve the player experience of various board-gaming communities.
April 2013
BMD launches The HR Weekly, adding news coverage to a mix of HR advice.
May 2012
BMD launches the All-Access Training Pass, allowing subscribers to attend all webinars for one low price.
April 2011
KCI Communications is rebranded as Investing Daily, bringing all publications under one trusted brand.
April 2011
Investing Daily launches Jim Fink’s Options for Income, which has created a loyal community of followers.
March 2011
BMD acquires the assets of Alexander Hamilton Institute, expands into payroll.
January 2010
Monthly “Fuzzy Dog” award lunches commence. No animals are harmed in the process.
April 2009
BMD acquires the LEAP conference from Management Labor and Employment Roundtable.